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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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Sacramento County
Measure B - 2/3 Approval Required

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Election Results


342,084 votes yes (65.71%)

178,543 votes no (34.29%)

100% of precincts reporting (1,267/1,267).

To maintain and rehabilitate the County's street and road system;
To reduce traffic congestion and make the County's transportation system operate more efficiently and effectively; To Fill potholes and repave streets; Repair deteriorating bridges; Relieve traffic on roads and freeways; Build a new expressway between Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova and Folsom; Extend Light Rail toward the Airport and Elk Grove; Support Light Rail and bus operations, maintenance, and security; and Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety; Shall the ordinance enacting a 30-year countywide one half cent sales tax, raising approximately $100 million annually, with independent oversight and audits, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR


We need to fix our roads now instead of waiting years when it will just cost us more. 

Vote YES on Measure B to provide every Sacramento County community dedicated local funding that can only be used to: Fill potholes and repair and maintain local streets; Reduce traffic congestion on roads and freeways; Improve bike and pedestrian safety; Improve light rail and bus service, and extend light rail to the Airport and Elk Grove; Repair and strengthen deteriorating bridges. 

Measure B requires cities and the county to “Fix it First”, which means they must fill potholes, repave streets and fix bridges before they can spend more money on new freeway or transit projects. Measure B requires 75% of all funds to be used for “Fix it First” repair and maintenance work during the first five years. 

Measure B will bring aging streets and roads up to modern standards that serve all users, including bicyclists, families and school children, and transit riders. 

By voting yes on Measure B, we can improve light rail and bus service, safety and security, and extend light rail to the Airport and Elk Grove. Measure B helps expand the low- or no-fare services on Paratransit for seniors and disabled persons. 

Measure B generates $3 billion of local funding that will help generate tens of millions more in state and federal matching dollars for projects that we determine locally. That’s money that can’t be touched by the State or by Washington D.C. 

Measure B includes strong accountability measures. It requires an independent citizens’ oversight committee and annual financial and performance audits, and limits administrative expenses to less than 1%.

Please join us! Vote yes on Measure B. To learn more about street and road repair improvement projects in your community, visit

s/Doris Matsui Member, House of Representatives, District 6   s/Lou Blanas Retired Sheriff, Sacramento County   s/Gil Albiani Director, Cosumnes Community Services District   s/Susan Peters Sacramento County Supervisor, District 3   s/Kelly Hillesland Teacher, Folsom Cordova School District

Arguments AGAINST


Everyone agrees that Sacramento County needs better roads and transit. But Measure B isn’t a comprehensive transportation plan for addressing our transportation needs. Instead, it’s a patch-work scheme developed by politicians and their cronies that will lead to more congestion and will fund the wrong kind of transit spending, while imposing higher taxes on vulnerable low and middle-income families. Measure B would double the Measure A sales tax - raising it to a full 1% - while increasing our overall sales tax to 8.5% (county) and 9% (Sacramento city). 

This $3.6 billion, 30-year sales tax hike would fund ill-conceived expansions of light rail to far flung, less dense, less walkable areas. A $1 billion expansion of light rail to the airport would add a few new customers. But it won’t deliver what transit customers want and need: frequent, fast service and more accessible stations. 

The tax hike is also expected to fund an unneeded $195 million streetcar line in Downtown Sacramento – even though local voters overwhelming rejected a proposal to fund the streetcar just last year. A nationally recognized transit expert calls the streetcar “largely an amusement ride for tourists.” Who wants it? Politically connected Downtown and West Sacramento developers - who want you to subsidize their projects. 

Typical county households experienced a 12% drop in real income since 2007, according to U.S. Census data. Nevertheless, politicians want hard-pressed Sacramentans to double the current Measure A tax from 1⁄2% to a full 1%. They don’t mention that the current Measure A tax is already generating more revenue each year for transportation spending.

Send a strong message to the politicians: stop corporate welfare and come up with a smarter, fairer, less expensive plan to fix our roads and meet our transit needs. Don’t double the tax. Vote NO on Measure B.

s/Craig Powell President, Eye on Sacramento   s/Debra Desrosiers Executive Director, Sacramento Taxpayers Association   s/Dr. Gregory L. Thompson Professor of Urban Planning (Emeritus), Florida State University   s/Elizabeth A. Weiland Land Use Chair and Board Member, Save the American River Association   s/Walter Seifert Past Executive Director, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

Replies to Arguments FOR


What proponents won’t tell you is that there’s already a half-cent sales tax, Measure A, that raises a gusher of revenue for roads/transit: $109 Million last year, $659 Million since 2009 and will generate $3 to $4 Billion through 2039. 

Our roads are in poor shape because Measure A funds are spent mostly on new construction while maintenance is badly neglected. Measure B will double the transportation tax but won’t fix the problem- it compounds it. 

Measure B is cleverly crafted by politicians to give the misleading impression that it will fix our roads. In fact, the “Fix It First” promise lasts only 5 years and can be waived by the politicians at any time. Measure B expenditures are heavily weighted towards big-budget construction projects that will enrich politically- connected contractors but won’t fix our roads.

The claim that Measure B includes “strong accountability measures” is false. Measure A created a so-called “Independent Taxpayers Oversight Committee” that is not independent, contains not a single taxpayer representative, has not produced a single report, issued no meeting minutes and not produced any performance audits, even though such audits are mandated by law

Measure A’s oversight failures have led to tens of millions being misspent on wasteful projects, including $45 Million to build an unused 1.1 mile track from Downtown to Richards Boulevard-- a “Train to Nowhere.” Measure B’s proponents are promising exactly the same phony accountability features that have been completely ineffectual under Measure A. Vote NO on Measure B. Visit   s/Craig Powell President, Eye on Sacramento   s/Debra Desrosiers Executive Director, Sacramento Taxpayers Association   s/Dr. Gregory L. Thompson Professor of Urban Planning (Emeritus), Florida State University   s/Dr. Florin J. Ciuriuc Executive Director, Slavic Community Center of Sacramento   s/Walter Seifert Past Executive Director, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

Replies to Arguments AGAINST


Vote YES on Measure B. 

Sacramento County desperately needs better roads and transit. Measure B will repair our roads and bridges, reduce traffic congestion on our freeways, improve light rail and other transit services, and make it easier for everyone to get around. 

Measure B prioritizes “Fix it First” projects, meaning filling potholes, repaving streets, and repairing aging bridges before spending on new freeway and transit projects. This means real improvements in the condition of our roads now. 

In addition, repairing our roads and bridges now before they deteriorate even further is a smart investment, saving money in the long run. 

Measure B will also get people out of their cars by improving service, safety and security on buses and light rail. Measure B improves Paratransit helping seniors and disabled persons get around independently, reliably, and safely. 

Federal and state funds are only available if we match them with local funds. Measure B will bring in millions of additional matching dollars for Sacramento County’s roads and highways – money that currently goes elsewhere. 

Measure B funds are subject to annual financial and performance audits by a citizens’ taxpayer oversight committee to ensure the money is spent properly. 

Measure B is the right plan for Sacramento County. Democrats and Republicans say yes to Measure B. Business and labor groups say yes. Transit and bicycle advocates say yes. Will you join us? 

Vote by mail or on November 8. Yes on Measure B. 

s/Darrell Steinberg
Mayor-Elect, City of Sacramento 

s/Christiana Dominguez
Youth Organization Board Member 

s/Kevin Cooper Realtor 

s/Raymond James Irwin
Commissioner, Fair Oaks Planning Advisory Council

s/Jim Brown
Executive Director, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates 

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